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Both the New York “Overtime Pay” laws and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) require that employers pay overtime to those individuals who are not “exempt” from the overtime requirements. READ MORE

Minimum wage

On April 4, 2016, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation enacting a statewide Minimum Wage Plan to raise the minimum wage for all New York workers to $15.00 per hour. READ MORE

Workplace Accidents

In New York State, the general rule, subject to some very limited exceptions, is that you may not sue your employer if you are injured while you are working. READ MORE

Wrongful terminations

Wrongful termination refers to any non-voluntary termination for an improper reason. In New York these include discrimination based upon… READ MORE

Employee/Independent Contractor misclassification

Many states have recently passed new Independent Contractor Laws. These laws describe which workers must be treated as “employees,” and which workers may be treated as “independent contractors.” READ MORE

Compensation disputes

Commissions are typically wages; bonuses are not. Under the law, the test to determine if commissions constitute wages is whether they are “definitely determined” and have become “due and payable to such… READ MORE

Wrongful deductions

There are very few deductions that are legally allowed to be taken from an employee’s wages in New York State (other than those required by law). READ MORE

Non-Compete agreements

Many employers require their employees to sign non-compete agreements as a condition of employment. There are a number of reasons for such agreements. READ MORE

Recordkeeping requirements

In New York State, all employers must furnish the following information to employees… READ MORE

Equity compensation

Employers often want employees to think like company owners, by issuing stock (or options to purchase stock) to employees. READ MORE

Timing of payments

With some limited exceptions, employers must pay their employees, on a weekly or biweekly basis, all wages earned within seven days of the particular pay period. READ MORE

Prevailing wages

If you are employed by a company that has a contract with the New York City government, the New York State government, the federal government, or another municipality, you may be entitled to a prevailing wage rate. READ MORE

Negotiation and employment agreements

The knowledgeable attorneys at the law firm of Neil H. Greenberg & Associates represent employees considering new employment as well as those evaluating new offers from their existing employer. READ MORE

Severance agreements

Severance agreements are frequently offered to professionals to prevent expensive litigation between employers and terminated employees. READ MORE

401(k) Financial Abuse

Millions of employees and retirees have 401(k) retirement plans through their current and/or former employers. Many of these plan participants simply trust that their retirement accounts…  READ MORE

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