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If you are employed by a company that has a contract with the New York City government, the New York State government, the federal government, or another municipality, you may be entitled to a prevailing wage rate. Prevailing wages are the basic hourly rate paid on government/public works projects to workers engaged in a particular craft, classification or type of work within the locality. There is no requirement that you must be a union employee to receive this wage.

What projects are subject to prevailing rate?

Projects where an agreement or contract exists between a public body and a contractor to perform “public work,” which is defined as construction, reconstruction, demolition, alteration, custom fabrication, or repair work, or maintenance work, including painting and decorating, done under contract and paid for by a public body (ex. local/federal governments, governmental agencies/commissions/boards, etc) are all subject to prevailing wage rates.

What are violations of the prevailing wage laws?

Violations of the prevailing wage laws are very common. Some of the more common violations by contractors/subcontractors are:

  • Misclassifying an employee to pay a lower wage
  • Forcing employees to bank hours
  • Not paying overtime
  • Keeping employees off the books or paying wages in cash
  • Not treating a project that was funded, in whole or in part, with public funds as a prevailing wage job
  • Not paying/contributing to fringe benefits as required by a contract

If you have any reason to believe that you are entitled to a higher hourly wage based upon you being employed at a government-funded job, call the law firm of Neil H. Greenberg & Associates today at 1-866-546-4752 to schedule a free consultation. The firm’s team of skilled and experienced attorneys are waiting to answer your questions and to help you protect your legal rights.

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