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Millions of employees and retirees have 401(k) retirement plans through their current and/or former employers. Many of these plan participants simply trust that their retirement accounts are in good hands and are being handled in full compliance with the law. Unfortunately, 401(k) plan sponsors, usually employers, do not always fulfill their fiduciary duties to safeguard and properly manage employees’ retirement accounts.

Recent lawsuits filed against 401(k) plan sponsors for charging hidden and excessive fund management fees to 401(k) plan participants, for mismanaging 401(k) investments, and for other fiduciary failures have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars being returned to 401(k) employee plan participants.

Depending on how your 401(k) retirement plan and investments were managed, you may be entitled to monetary relief.

Dedicated 401(k) Management Lawyers

Neil H. Greenberg & Associates, P.C. has aggressively represented individuals harmed by employer wrongdoing for over twenty years. We appreciate how you have worked hard to build your retirement account. We acknowledge how you are relying upon your current and former employers to fulfill their obligation to handle your retirement account and the entire 401(k) fund in full compliance with federal laws governing the prudent supervision of your 401(k) plan investments.

If you have a 401(k) retirement plan through your current and/or former employer, please contact our office to arrange for a free, no obligation review of your retirement plan.

You have worked hard to build your retirement account. Our 401(k) management lawyers will work hard to recover the money that rightfully belongs in your retirement account.

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