President Obama Grants Early Holiday Gift to Federal Workers

December 11, 2014-  President Obama signed an Executive Order on Friday granting all Federal agencies and Federal employees a Federal holiday this year on Friday, December 26, 2014.   With the Christmas holiday falling on a Thursday this year this order amounts to a four (4) day, paid, Federal holiday for Federal workers.

This action by the President is not unfounded in Presidential history despite the fact that this action comes in response to a circulated petition among Federal employees which initiated the request of the White House.   While the petition failed to garner the requisite 100,000 signatures which would require some review by the President it did receive support from thousands of workers.

Federal Directors have the right to require employee attendance in the interest of National Security, National Defense, health and safety, on a case by case basis.

It is unknown whether any State or municipal governments will follow the Federal government’s lead in this regard.

For a copy of the full Presidential Executive Order please visit:

NYC Paid Sick Leave Law Takes Effect

July 30, 2014– In April of this year New York City’s Mayor signed the “Paid Sick Leave Act” into law.  This law impacts all existing, and new NYC workers, employed after May 1, 2014.  Below are some of the highlights of the law:

What is the Purpose of the Act?

The act provides Sick Leave for all employees in New York City, employed on or after May 1, 2014.

Who is Covered?

  • The act covers all companies in New York City,  employing 5 people, or more.
  • Both Full and Part time employees are eligible, so long as they work a total of 80 hours in one calendar year.
  • In the case of domestic workers there is no “5 employee” requirement to obtain coverage.

What is required of Employers Under the Act?

  • Employers with 5 employees, or more, must provide PAID sick leave to covered employees.
  • Employers with less than 5 employees must allow employees to access the same sick leave time as their larger counterparts; however, these small employers are not required to pay employees for the sick time.

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