State Audit Reveals Pitfalls To Employment Case Resolution

If you are a worker seeking justice in an employment dispute you may be wondering whether you need an attorney concentrating in the Employment Law area to assist you with your claim.  After all, you can file your claim yourself with the appropriate Administrative Agency and hope for a favorable resolution.  Many workers are lead to believe that the simple filing of a claim with an agency, such as the Department of Labor, will protect their legal rights in these matters.

Sadly, a recent audit of the New York State Department of Labor, by Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s Office, found the government unable to protect workers’ rights.  Among the top two most glaring problems in the current system are:

•    Less than 50% of the cases filed are, actively being investigated;
•    More than 75% of the open cases are lingering for more than one year

While the government may have the best of intentions to protect workers’ rights, the numbers of complex employment cases filed makes it, virtually, impossible for the agencies to keep up.  In fact, the number of employment cases filed with the NYS Department of Labor rose 150% over the last 5 years.  These numbers are staggering.

Employment disputes often involve significant abuses by employers.  It is essential that workers seek an experienced Employment Law Firm to review the facts of their case, and to help them develop an action plan for a speedy and just resolution to their employment grievances.

Later this year,  the Federal Government, New York State, and New York City will be implementing major changes to employment regulations.  It will be increasingly difficult for workers to know what their rights are and how to protect themselves.  Therefore, seek the advice of an experienced, Employment Law Firm, with integrity.

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