NY Jets’ Cheerleaders Cry Foul Over $3.77 Hourly Pay

Thursday, June 05, 2014

June 5, 2014– June is the time of year when New York Jets’ Football fans are receiving their annual ticket bills for the upcoming NFL Season.  For a family of 4, looking to be close to the action, those tickets will cost, an average of, $14,000.00 per seat, not including the PSL license fees for those same 4 seats, amounting to an additional $120,000.00. Grand total $176,000.00, before you ever purchase a snack or beverage.  For those seat licenses and tickets, fans have the opportunity to sit in luxury seats that afford them the best view of the game and the best view of the Jets Flight Crew, the elite cheerleaders that earned their prestigious spots on the squad through a grueling series of elimination competitions and also earned a paltry $3.77 an hour, a recent New Jersey State Employment Lawsuit alleges.

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Don’t wait for state, increase minimum wage now

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Westbury attorney specializing in employment law is urging Long Island businesses to raise their minimum pay rates to $10.10 now, instead of waiting for the federal government to mandate that same wage increase.

Neil Greenberg of Neil Greenberg & Associates says increasing minimum pay now will create long-term benefits for the employer and the employee alike – and will also spur local economic growth, enough to outweigh whatever employer costs are associated with the hike.

“When modest wage-earners are paid more money, they spend that money,” Greenberg said. “They generally spend it in our communities.”

So local businesses will end up supporting each other, the attorney added, as higher take-home pay flows back into the local economy.

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